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All about Bob Mechler

Postby Bob Mechler » Tue Dec 04, 2007 4:28 am

Hi, I'm Bob Mechler. Back in 95 I wrote a several db apps with Dataease 4.53. My circulation package consisted of over 100 forms and 300+ procedures. The newspaper industry consolidated and has had some bad times so after 21 years as an independent developer I found I had to punch a clock for another software firm. As part of my deal I share revenue with my employer for any revenues I get from the DataEase 4.53 programs that are still in the field. From a high of 63 newspapers, I'm down to about 15. I tried for a pretty good while to get up and running with the Windows version but did not succeed. I kept having corruption and never quite figured out what I could or couldn't do in the OML.

I'm intrigued by the statement of direction in this new venture and hope this product will be free from the instability I found in DataEase 7.0

Since going to work for the new company HWA International I've used PowerBasic to write 32 bit Windows programs using the Windows API. From 2003 through the present I managed the effort to bring their application from the Dos to Windows by writing wrapper code around their well structured QuickBasic code. Previous to my coming, they had tried for 6 years to get things running on Clarion and never could. They now have 90 something Bank and Trust companies. Our software is Trust Software.

I really, really miss the days when I could put together a program as easily as with DataEase. If the concept is to move back toward the ease of version 4.53 and keep it simple, then I'm interested.

I never took advantage of CDF when I first used Dataease but now I can. Powerbasic creates Windows standard DLL. They can directly use the Windows API for all components. Charles Petzold's classic on Windows programming which is demonstrated in C++ was directly translated to PowerBasic and ran exactly the same way. I've already tested DLL's written with PowerBasic with DataEase 6.52 and they worked fine. Given the competitive pricing and new philosophy I'm hoping to revive my effort to get my software for newspapers another chance at the Windows world.

I hope this forum becomes something where folks will post useful code and answers questions as well as the PowerBasic forum does.

The one thing PowerBasic does not do well is make it easier to create the MDI framework, user login setups, multiple security levels, easy form creation, derived fields, automatic lookups etc. I had to program all this stuff in PowerBasic.

I'm especially interested in the Web capability of DataEase. I've had to maintain a VB.NET application that is very hard to customize on the fly. You can see it at
Login: Demo123/Memphis1 .

There's got to be an easier way and I think you guys might get it right with Ffenics.

Bob Mechler
HWA International, inc
and my company
Computech Services, inc.
There's got to be an easier way to do this!
Bob Mechler
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