All About Bill Treloar

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All About Bill Treloar

Postby Bill Treloar » Mon Oct 08, 2007 11:13 pm

I've been working with DataEase for almost 20 years, and still support a few clients with legacy (DOS) DataEase apps. (Gee, maybe it's over 20 years: I first started with DataEase for the Wang PC, which was different from the IBM PC version at the time. I think it was version 2.50)

Over the past few years, my business has changed to the point where about 90% of what I do now is search engine optimization for small and very small businesses under the business name of Rank Magic.

Nevertheless, I still keep one foot in the DataEase world and am excited at the new ffenics product. I started working with DataEase as an end user and definitely support the concept of keeping database application development accessible to the corporate end user, but there will always be a role for expert consulting assistance.

All the best to the Ffenics team and everyone else here!
Bill Treloar
Bill Treloar
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