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MySQL through ODBC

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:28 pm
by pkpk
I am getting bizarre behavior while connecting to an MySQL 5 database through ODBC

Ffenics correctly reports 8579 records in the "truck" table on the bottom left of the screen in the Ffenics-generated form over truck. However if I "F3" through the table, Ffenics reports no more records at record 8. If I run the default Ffenics-generated report over truck, only seven records are produced.

For another table, "truck_pickup", Ffenics can will show only 4188 of 9802 records.
For another table, "trucker", Ffenics shows 0 of the 1355 records.

MS Access has no problem seeing all of the records in all of these tables through this same ODBC connection.

As an aside, Ffenics asks me for a name and password, which is unnecessary as
these are built into the ODBC connection.

Thanks for any help,
Peter Kopke