What do all the headers and footers do?

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What do all the headers and footers do?

Postby Pete Tabord » Wed Feb 13, 2008 2:48 pm

Each report layout in Ffenics has four headers and footers, in addition layouts in procedures have a fifth.

There are Summary headers and footers, Page headers and footers, and Interactive headers.

In contrast to traditional computer environments, Windows printer drivers usually include the ability to print to a matrix of pages. This is most commonly seen with spreadsheets, which tend to have a somewhat horizontal layout, and may extend several pages across as well as several pages down.

While typically the kind of reports that are produced from a database application are easier to read if kept to the paper width, Ffenics does cater for this kind of 'matrix' printout.

This results in the two kinds of page driven headers and footers.

Summary headers and footers are the 'normal' ones, which print at every horizontal page break (i.e. pages down). If you report is not wider than the page, these are the ones you will use for your output. They print to the full width of the report.

Page headers and footers are printed on every sheet of paper. These are only useful if your report is wider than the paper you are using. They are less powerful than summary headers and footers, and really are used only to help the user piece the report together. They are never more than a physical page wide (and so don't necessarily align with the body of the report. )

There is a further kind of header that belongs to procedures only. Whereas the above types can be thought of as 'output' - i.e. they take values from the database and print them out, the third header type is 'input' and appears on screen regardless of where the output is sent. It is presented before the processing and reporting parts of the procedure document are run.

The Interactive header, as it is called, is intended for passing values, selections etc. to the procedure to be used to determine what that particular run is processing, e.g. what customer to print invoices for. The fields are available to the Data Query script and can be tested to determine what to do.
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