What are Ffenics's limits?

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What are Ffenics's limits?

Postby Pete Tabord » Wed Sep 26, 2007 10:10 am

These are the limits 'hard coded' into Ffenics. Most exist because:

a) We are deliberately limiting complexity for performance and reliability
b) the memory structures in use cause a limit
c) the environment (operating system etc) causes a limit.

Two of these limits can be increased on request to us - these particular limits exist effectively as a warning that going further means you should take life much more seriously than hitherto :) - these are the max number of users in an app and the max no of records in a form. If you exceed 128 users or 16million records then it is likely you need to seriously take stock before getting any bigger! And there are some precautions and warnings we would want to discuss also.

Caveat - There may be other de facto limits that are 'implicit' in the code rather than 'explicit' - if you think you have hit one then please report it and we can either add it to the list or remove it.

Max Open Relationships = 249

Max Fields in a Form = 255

Max Characters in a Field :
Text/Numeric string = 255
LongText = 4000
Memo = 65535

LongText fields are stored and processed as an array of 255 char fields, but displayed as a single editable field on screen. However, each of the sub-fields in the array counts towards the Form field limit.

Max Digits in a Number = 15

Max Choices in a Choice Field = 99

This applies to 'fixed' choices only, not ARDL dynamic choice lists.

Max Records in a Form that is target of an ARD lookup = 65535
Currently performance considerations will limit this to a few thousands in most cases.

Max Forms in an Application = 32000
Maximum number of documents is unlimited.

Records per Form = 16 million.

Characters per record = 65535
(i.e. 255 x 255, so should not be a problem)
The record limit does not include Memo fields, which are stored as CLOB's (character large objects) in a separate file.

Indices per Form = 255
This is actually far too high. It should probably be more like 25!

Simultaneously open files = 512

Arguments to concat statement = 32

Max data file size = 2tB

Max simultaneous users in an application = 128

Max simultaneous WebElements users on a single server = 100

Max ELF's per app = 1280

Max arguments to an ELF = 10

Max SubForms is a 9x9 matrix

Include Tab objects in the count for 'depth' but not 'width'.

Max nesting of PSL statements = 9 levels

Max normal index size = 115

Anything longer than this will be FastText only, even if FastText not selected.

Max Name Length = 50
Name Length is used all over the place.

Max Path - Supports UNC path standard.

Max lines in a script = 1000
Max chars in a script = 40970

The smaller of the above two applies to any given script.

Max derivation/range check/field help strings per Form = 65535
The above limit applies also to Aspects. The limit is an 'in memory' limit for the buffer used to store the strings loaded for these items from both the FRM and the TDF. (And no, its not as simple as just making the buffer bigger!)

There is no explicit limit on the size of document definitions, although the limit on strings above will come in to play in some cases.

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