Lookup list select with OML

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Lookup list select with OML

Postby Stewart Allen » Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:52 pm

I would like to use the OML clicked event on fields in a table layout lookup form (Formopenrelated) to select records in a similar way that WEB hyperlinks work.
i.e. instead of putting a select button that displays for each record, the record data displayed is the select 'button'

This must still allow for:
1. Search parameter entry on any of the fields that are clicked 'select hyperlinks'
2. it must also have the correct selected record context (i.e. record which is clicked is the value that is returned)
(context for OML clicks on multi-records lists is always a pain - a button does get the focus on the selected record - OML click does not)

The 'looks like no button' select can be done with a no fill button placed over all fields with a return data to action, but this prevents search query on the fields.

Any ideas?
Stewart Allen
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