Digit grouping symbol - Win7 / 2008 Server 64bit

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Digit grouping symbol - Win7 / 2008 Server 64bit

Postby Stewart Allen » Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:33 pm

One other small issue found with Win 7 or 2008 Server 64bit.

The default digit grouping symbol shows up as a strange @ sign in DE 6.52.

I would actually prefer to not have any digit grouping (9999 instead of 9 999) but Win 7 & Server 2008 regional settings require a symbol.

Noticed this a while ago and the symbol shown in regional settings did not look like anything that appears in DE6.52 - it looks like a blank.

Replaced the symbol that was there with a space and it appears to work without problems.

What i would like to know is if anyone else has seen this and is there any reason why using a space could cause problems?
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