Any other operating system for DFD5.1 server?

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Any other operating system for DFD5.1 server?

Postby Carlton » Thu May 10, 2012 3:57 am

I'm an administrator of a DFD5.1 system , this DFD5.1 has been running for 10 years , the operating system is Novell 5.1. Now our Novell server is getting more and more unstable but there's no new server can run the Novell 5.1 now cause I can't get enough support from Novell any more.

I was considering transfering the DFD5.1 to another platform, but I was told that WINDOWS server cannot support DFD very well , and I did some test , showed up that if there are more than 1 user using it , sometime it causes trouble logging in or using.

Could anybody please suggest what other operating system can I use ( Linux, Unix ...) or is there any specific windows server version can be compatible with DFD5.1 ? Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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Re: Any other operating system for DFD5.1 server?

Postby Fred Kingston » Thu May 10, 2012 11:29 am

Windows is fine.. Your DataEase is configured for Novel record/file locking.. It needs to be re-configured for Lan Manager (Window's core network).. Re-run the Install program in the DataEase program directory, and change the Network configuration..

Folks have been using DFD on Windows servers as long or longer than your 10 years... There are some basic settings that need to be set.. mostly the rights to 2 files.. The printers.dat file, and the DeNetWrk.OVL in the program directory. You also need an environment setting DEPATH=\to the location of the above two files. And a DeName=UniqueID. Hence the reason your test failed with multi-user.

Easiest method is to create a batch file that Starts dataease on the workstation and setting both the DeName= and DePath= in the batch file.. and then pointing a shortcut at the batch file..

All the above should take less than 10 minutes to set... but if it's greek to you, you may want to set up a VPN or remote connection and let someone dial-in and do it for you..

You'll probably need to increase/add a Files=200 line in the file on each workstation also, depending on the complexity of your application..
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