Vales being returned from one table to another

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Vales being returned from one table to another

Postby paperboy » Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:28 pm

Hello -

Got a new issue this AM - for months, in my CLIENTS table, I retrieve values from the SALES CALLS table. The original two fields that were being retrieved are named Followup Date and Appt Time. I pulled these values using the derivation stmt - highest of "SALES CALL" "Followup Date" or "Appt Time", both are virtual fields in my CLIENTS table. Every things returns properly.

So now I need to report out on a scheduled appointment vs a normal sales call. So in my SALES CALLS table, I added a new field, "Appointment", it is a choice field - simple " N/Y " for the values, default is "N".

Go over to CLIENTS, add the same field name, set it just the same as the other two fields, virtual with a derivation statement - but I get no returned value.

I have have no idea what is going on, does any one have any suggestions ?

George Kuhn
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