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Re: Apparently unreadable form

Postby JohnBaldwin » Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:27 am

91 forms in database; form concerned was item 4 (and about 500 procedures but am often using Jada to get forms, reports, procedures, and even relationships into easily usable positions in the drop down lists).

I was wondering whether it might have been something that I might have unconsciously clobbered. I know nowt about RDRR and have seen nothing in the way of a write-up about it and so I would be grateful to be pointed in an appropriate direction (or be sent, via email, a document with more info as to function and structure).
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Re: Apparently unreadable form

Postby Phil Winkler » Fri Jan 17, 2014 3:43 pm


First, it is usually not a good idea to sort the relationships form unless you are 100% positive that they are all correct.

When you do an app status of forms you are looking at the rdrr file. Status of reports is looking at the repo file.

Forms troubleshooter in Jada Tools is the rdrr file, too, and it permits you to do a reorg of a form without physically doing it within DataEase. There is a story about this.

Suzanne Michelle was working for us back in the 90's and was out working on a system at JP Morgan on a Novell network. A form needed to be reorged, but there wasn't enough disk space on the server to do it and Suzanne was in a panic. So, she called Jerry Netherton on the phone (author of Jada Tools, IncrEase, etc.) and aksed if he could do something. Jerry thought about it for a minute and said to give him 30 minutes. He wrote the Forms Troubleshooter right then, emailed it to Suzanne and saved the day. Jerry was/is a brilliant person. The DataEase people never liked him because he broke their encryption code easily. :)
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Re: Apparently unreadable form

Postby Pete Tabord » Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:38 pm

Wasn't so much that he broke it easily as that he (or people who knew him) told the world about it :-(

It wasn't exactly rocket science, that algorithm. If it had been, the US back then wouldn't have let us export the software.

Corporate customers are inconsistent - they don't want people to gain unauthorised access to their databases but they do want to be able to break in when they forget their passwords. As long as the techies don't join the dots between the two activities then the customers remain calm and happy. If the issue is shoved under their nose so they can't continue to rationalise it away they panic and don't buy the software any more. So yes, DataEase Inc. was pretty unhappy - it cost them customers.

Some years before that incident Bill Wood and I occasionally were asked to test security software. I think the longest any resisted our combined assault was 24 hours :-). Note that the task we were given was not how to understand how the security system worked (or was supposed to work), but simply to bypass it and get at whatever data it was supposed to protect.
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