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The New Combined Ffenics and DataEase Forum

Postby Graham Smith » Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:31 pm

Because Ffenics and DataEase for Windows (DFW) have the same parent and share many features, we have found that the same 'how to' questions tend to arise on both the Ffenics and DataEase forums. So, to avoid the necessity of cross posting to two forums and to broaden the scope of the material covered, we have decided to combine the Ffenics and DataEase forums. The original DataEase Forum can still be found as an archive at:

Here are a few simple rules for keeping things running smoothly in the new combined forum.

--Be sure to specify which version of DataEase you are referring to. There are two different versions of DataEase for DOS (DFD) still in use and at least 5 distinct releases of DFW. If you do not specify which version of the product you are using, someone is just going to have to ask or you may get an answer that is not applicable to your version.

--Many of us here use and/or support multiple versions of DFD, DFW, and Ffenics (I have about 8 versions installed at this time). There are things about each that we like better than the other. We may, from time to time, gripe and bitch about one thing or another, but we cannot allow things to devolve into outright product bashing or 'flame wars'.

--While none of the support personnel who run this forum use DFW 7 or beyond, we are still able to answer a lot of questions about how to do things. The major limitation is that we cannot deal with any bug reports. For those, you need to go here: .

--The old forum is closed to new posts but all the old posts remain. Our original wish was to bring all the archived posts over to the combined forum, but differences in forum software made that extremely difficult. We have also found no simple way to import the active users from the DataEase Forum, so we must regretfully ask that users re-register to use the new forum
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