Why does one computer skip part of a script?

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Why does one computer skip part of a script?

Postby KjetilUrne » Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:35 pm

The first part of a script goes like this (the message is put there for debugging purposes)

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define "tE" number .
tE := SetGlobal ( 126 , P_ID.value ) .
message GetGlobal ( 126 ) window .

One computer (an old laptop) mostly fails to assign Global 126. Sometimes it works.

What could explain this behavior - does it occasionally fail to load memarr32.dll?

(the script resides on a button, placed within a multiple record layout on a tab control)
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Re: Why does one computer skip part of a script?

Postby andyclinton59 » Fri Nov 18, 2016 9:06 am

To find out which part that fails I would rewrite the script like this:

define "tE" number .
message P_ID.value window .
tE := SetGlobal ( 126 , concat("Test: ",P_ID.value )) .
message GetGlobal ( 126 ) window .

This way you will see if it is reading the P_ID.value which is the problem or if it is the setting of the global.

If it is setting of the global it is likely that there is some memory problem in calling the memarr32.dll
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