Shop floor data inputting using web elements

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Shop floor data inputting using web elements

Postby SamT » Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:19 am

Firstly I have put this here rather than the web elements section as a think it will get seen more times
Is anyone using web elements running on wireless tablets to update or add records to their server based Ffenics app
We have our Ffenics app installed on its own exchange server and my techi consultant who deals with my servers has installed the trial web element server but we have been unable to get it up on a tablet

Before I commit valuable time to getting web elements running I really want to know if anyone is using web element to carry out this task

Simplistically we want to capture
operator number
Job number
Operation number
Clock on time

Then when the operation is complete
Operator number
Job number
Operation number
Quantity good completed
Quantity rejected
Clock off time

Would be interested to know if web elements is capable of doing this

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Re: Shop floor data inputting using web elements

Postby Graham Smith » Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:26 pm

Sorry for the late reply but I have not been around that much. Without answering you specifically, here is what I can tell you about web elements.

Before you spend any time at all building a database, know that I was only able to get it to run on XP with a live app. I got it to run on Win7 after a lot of trial and error (but had problems) and I believe it at least one person got it to run on Win Server 2008. I'm not aware of anyone getting it to work on anything newer - it might, but it might not.

Unless something changes, WebElements is basically a dead end. You can ask the management but it isn't likely any new version will come along because it would probably take a major rewrite and even when it was new it couldn't find a market.

If you can get it running and want to proceed to develop an app, know that it is extremely limited in what you can do. It's OK for displaying information and it's OK for really basic data entry, but that's it. I has no interactive on screen features. That is to say a record will not refresh so virtual fields won't update, derivations won't derive, lookups won't lookup. You can include a subform but it works poorly and won't scroll.

Think of it as being like a paper form. If you can do it with a paper form, you can do it with WebElements.
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