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Is Ffenics 2 worth upgrading to?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:40 am
by Paul Cheeseman
Simple question.

We are using F1, and are considering upgrading to F2 but with the almost complete lack of information available, all I see is cost with little benefit.
Is it value for money?
Do PDF's work properly?
Is it properly supported?
Can you now use transparent Graphics?
Does the internal backup work?
What exactly are the new features, if any?
Will I get a reply with useful information from Ffenics themselves?

My directors have asked for information about the new product before making a decision to spend money, and I find it difficult to keep telling them sorry, no information available.



Re: Is Ffenics 2 worth upgrading to?

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 10:07 am
by andyclinton59

Surely somebody must have an answer?

Is Ffenics no longer a software publisher that want to sell the software to independent users?

What is the purpose of making a new version if not to sell it?

Re: Is Ffenics 2 worth upgrading to?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:40 am
by Gil Fleming
The lack of an answer is all the answer you need.

I wouldn't use internal backup. There are lots of 3d party backup systems. We backup using three separate methods:
1. Using our NAS, continuously backup to Microsoft OneDrive .
2. Using WinRar, we zip up our ffenics app (excluding generated PDFs) and email to a dedicated mailbox every evening.
3. For timed version backup, we use Genie Timeline. This has proven very useful if you need to reset all or some of your system to an earlier time that day. For example, if you modified a form and it became 'toxic' (caused GPFs or odd behaviour), you could wind you system back by, say, 10 minutes, to the time when everything was ok. If your system was in full use at the time, so that a full wind-back wasn't possible, you could just wind back the specific files that you had modified.

Transparent graphics - not a big deal to us.

PDF generation - in WIN10, you must have Admin rights to be sure of it working. Win 7 is much easier to use with ffenics.

Is it supported - Definitely NO. I have telephone their office and discovered that there is nobody in. They work out of serviced offices. If it had a decent manual, that would be good, but you are left to sort yourself out with the help files.

Is it good value? As a pay-per-seat-per-month proposition, it's awful, especially bearing in mind that their level of expertise using and designing with ffenics is appalling. Watch some of their YouTube videos and you'll see just how basic their knowledge is.

Worth asking "Is it a safe proposition moving to 2.0?" . I monitor the creditworthiness of DSL and all of my suppliers. Their credit limit is currently £0. Experian's credit opinion is:
"There is a deficit in both capital employed and shareholders funds.
There has been a very significant fall in shareholders' funds over the latest accounting period.
In our view this company is a very high credit risk. We therefore recommend you make full & detailed enquiries before offering credit.

I don't see any evidence of investment in the product. Their website has been hacked so many times, killing the forum in the process, that this space is now ghostly quiet. Ironic when one of the services they were offering was safe, secure cloud backup.