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Re: Webelements - a suggestion

Postby Pete Tabord » Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:02 am

Well, the Web is a less rich environment than Windows, so whoever does it isn't going to get the same functionality.

It's even worse than going from DOS to Windows, for, although Windows was different to DOS, it is definitely more powerful. The browser environment is markedly less powerful than Windows, especially if security considerations prevent you from using cookies and applets.

To re-iterate. The purpose of Web Elements is to make it quicker to develop web extensions to existing apps (Ffenics or not) at a document level - it is not way of converting a whole Windows app to a Web app.

This is how it has always been described by development since the early days when Trina first got involved in the second iteration of WebPublisher. (Which had no relation to the first version, or to previous web things like WebEase).

There is no doubt that it needs further development work to expand its functionality, but it does a job at the moment that suits some people at least, so describing it as a non-starter or not fit for purpose is simply rhetoric.
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Re: Webelements - a suggestion

Postby Graham Smith » Wed Sep 04, 2013 12:31 pm

Pete Tabord wrote:Well, the Web is a less rich environment than Windows, so whoever does it isn't going to get the same functionality.

That's true, but there is still more functions available in web apps than what WE can deliver. Take as an example a simple order page; I've seen many many cases where there is some interaction built in (e.g. you enter a US zip code and the form populates the proper city and state from the post office tables).

If you want a real surprise, have a look at something called Form Stack (http://www.formstack.com). This is an online service for creating forms with data input and is done with a fairly simple point and click operation. There is even the ability to build some logic into the forms to do things like autopopulate fields and do conditional logic. The results are not fancy but it is far simpler to use than WE and does more.

As to the question of a new thread, that's fine if it's going to accomplish anything. I'd be happy to put together what I think is a list of things that the program should be able to do to be competitive.

As I said, I willing to put some time into this if the work is going to go anywhere.
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