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Postby Pete Tabord » Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:42 am

Hi Adrian

I think there are a number of ways you could have a button that didn't actually do anything, but wouldn't it still be 'pressable' which might confuse the user?

I actually thought of a further enhancement, although I'm not sure how to code it - if we had 'marker' buttons with an action of 'marker you could also have a 'go to marker' action that would jump from another button (Go to Page 2) to the marker. The parameter for the 'go to marker' needs some thought - it could be the text of the target button, or maybe the object name - not sure what would work best from a code point of view.

The main thing is, it would give a way of having page-structured forms/aspects. I don't approve of designing things like that, its what you might call DFD-think, in Windows its much better if you can break things down so they don't require scrolling the main form area. (And that's why we've been doing things like Tab and Multibox to make better use of the available screen 'real estate' along with Subforms that were always there.)

But, it would make it easier for users transitioning from an old system, not just the folk migrating the app, but the end users as well.
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