Ffenics 1.5 Released

Ffenics 1.5 Released

Postby Trina Tabord » Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:11 pm

Database City are pleased to announce the release of Ffenics 1.5

Ffenics 1.5 contains a number of new features, enhancments to current features and bug fixes .

For full details see the ReadMe file here


To download an evaluation version go here


A few highlights of this release are

Ffenics now supports Multipage Images, allowing its use to catalogue scanned in invoices, legal documents etc. Pages can be navigated ‘in Form’ and also printed from reports etc.

ANSI character support for other ANSI character sets such as Greek .

Memo fields supported for foreign data sources over OLE DB

Dynamic Lookup (Ctrl-F10 – the ad-hoc runtime facility) has a revised layout, the user can also drag and drop columns to change their order (as well as resize them and sort them).

Ffenics now supplied with a set of Large Icons as an alternative to the normal ones. The Windows display settings are used to determine which are used, or they can be specifically configured by application and workstation.

Extensive enhancements to MultiBox including:
MultiBox now permitted over Virtuals
Specific ‘max no of rows to display’ (also applies to ListBox)
Ability to hide the bound value. (i.e. to always display the ‘user friendly’ contents of the MultiBox even when it doesn’t have focus).
Can customise MultiBox display settings on an Aspect.
Conversion of existing field to MultiBox made easier
MultiBoxes based on Relationships now dynamically update whenever they get focus during Record Entry.

Ffenics now incorporates a virus detection mechanism that will prevent attempts to implant Trojan code in data.

In Record Entry, a Go to line number feature lets you go direct to a specific record by its on-screen line number.

Database Links via OLEDB now support extra remote data types including character fields over 255 (stored as Memo fields in Ffenics). They also now support > 2000 tables.

New ‘My Reports’ feature permits end users who have the ability to create their own reports to modify them after they have been saved, and also to see list of their own saved reports.

New MDI window management features .

Choice field choices can now be edited (as opposed to deleted/replaced).

Button/ Image actions now an extra ‘More Info->Actions’ item, and the ‘More Info can be refreshed or deleted from a procedure.

Open window list in Windows drop-down menu now displays help on status bar

Enhanced Welcome screen remembers 5 previous applications.

RecordSave returns a result in Current Status so what action the user took can be determined.

You can now run a Console instance from Call Program

Script Editor font and colour and preference settings are now persistent.

Custom Toolbars extensively revised and Import Custom toolbar now works for both individual forms and the default RT toolbar. Toolbar location can now be customised successfully (except you can’t default to ‘on wings’ – i.e. floating).

Further enhancements to Re-layout to help persistence of temporary variables and LOV’s.

Extensive revisions to make record entry ‘select’ behaviour consistent whether you are in Record Entry, Filter by Expression or Select Records mode.

Tooltips now display their help in the status bar, and work when buttons are superimposed on images.


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